Clap Operated Fan Speed Control

This Project of control fans is used to control not only switching properties but also control speed of fan. The main advantage of Clap Operated Fan Speed Control is, it can control up to ten-step speeds of fan.   Sound-operated trigger pulse : The MIC is used to change voice signal into its corresponding electrical signal….. Clock pulse Read more about Clap Operated Fan Speed Control[…]

Power Factor Correction

Automatic power factor correction device reads power factor from line voltage and line current by determining the delay in the arrival of the current signal with respect to voltage signal from the function generator with high accuracy by using an internal timer. This time values are then calibrated as phase angle and corresponding power factor. Read more about Power Factor Correction[…]


  Substation monitoring and controlling system using GSM with Temperature protection Transformer relay protection Smart grid protection system Automatic drilling machine Power factor controller systems Regenerative braking system with Solar. RFID based water distribution system Prepaid energy meter using smart card.(without readymade electrical meter) Automatic bottle washing system Underground cable fault detector DC Motor Speed Read more about PROJECTS LIST[…]

Automatic Drilling Machine

The Electrical drilling machine designed here is quite useful for mechanical workshops. The machine is constructed with power feed technology is aimed to drill the job up to certain specified depth, Estimating the drilling depth while drilling manually through a conventional drilling machine is extremely impossible, often the job will be failed due to the Read more about Automatic Drilling Machine[…]


This project aims at continuously monitor the load conditions of the substation. It also monitors the temperature of the devices present in the substation. This project is also designed to protect the electrical circuitry by operating an Electromagnetic Relay.  This Relay gets activated whenever the electrical parameters exceed the predefined values.  The Relay can be Read more about SUBSTATION MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEM USING GSM[…]