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Locker security system-starlit electronics
March 1, 2018

Locker Watchdog(Labrador)

ગુજરાતી  हिंदी










locker security system – Brochure

  • 100 % wireless device
  • Compact device so it requires small space.
  • Easy to operate & install.
  • Works on l-ion battery (6000 mAh), so it do not require electricity.
  • GSM Based Technology, SMS & CALL Control.
  • Battery check, System Status, System ON-OFF by SMS & CALL.
  • High accuracy. (99.99%)
  • Low power consumption.
  • Facility of exit delay.
  • Built-in sensor & siren.
  • Panic & long distance siren which blow sound continuously.
  • Can be installed on a collapsible grill.
  • Long battery life. (Approx. 3-4 year) Means ONE TIME INVESTMENT AND LIFE TIME INSURANCE. It is widely used where shutter is main source of safety.
  • Zero maintenance. Peace of mind for life long.
  • 12 month Warrantee on this product.



If any intruder tries to break the locker by hammer (any tools), the sensor detected and systems gets activated and siren blows within 3-5 seconds for minutes continuously and at the same time GSM will get activated and sends SMS. After SMS, GSM starts CALLING different 5 users one by one.

When registered user wants to open the locker, he will have to call on the System’s number so that system will shut down for the full day.


locker security system – ગુજરાતી 

locker security system –  हिंदी