Prepaid Energy Meter using Smart Card

The purpose of this project is to design and develop an smart energy metering system that can efficiently control the amount of electricity consumed by the user. Electricity users can buy specific amount of energy to use it only when they needed. This is achieved by interfacing energy meter with smart card technology.     Read more about Prepaid Energy Meter using Smart Card[…]

Power Factor Correction

Automatic power factor correction device reads power factor from line voltage and line current by determining the delay in the arrival of the current signal with respect to voltage signal from the function generator with high accuracy by using an internal timer. This time values are then calibrated as phase angle and corresponding power factor. Read more about Power Factor Correction[…]


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Regenerative Braking System

The kinetic energy of the wheel is generally lost during braking in the form of heat due to friction between the brake pads. This energy can be recovered using a technique called as Regenerative Braking. In this technique, the excess energy is stored temporarily in capacitor banks before it gets converted to heat energy and Read more about Regenerative Braking System[…]