Arduino Projects……..

1 Arduino To Android Communication using Bluetooth: 2 Arduino 7 Segment Led Display And Counter: 3 Arduino Based Alarm Clock: 4 Arduino Based Auto Intensity Control Of Street Lights: 5 Arduino Based Autopilot System: 6 Arduino Based Battery Charge: 7 Arduino Based Car Parking System: 8 Arduino Based Distance Sensor: 9 Arduino Based Energy Meter: Read more about Arduino Projects……..[…]


This Project RFID Based Water Distribution System is developed for to distribute pure RO water by controlling RADIO frequency Identification by checking a suitable RFID card. This Project is also suitable for distribution of Ration Material, like Milk, kerosene, petrol, diesel etc.   Every consumer is provided with a RFID card which is registered by Read more about RFID BASED-WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM[…]

Prepaid Energy Meter using Smart Card

The purpose of this project is to design and develop an smart energy metering system that can efficiently control the amount of electricity consumed by the user. Electricity users can buy specific amount of energy to use it only when they needed. This is achieved by interfacing energy meter with smart card technology.     Read more about Prepaid Energy Meter using Smart Card[…]

Clap Operated Fan Speed Control

This Project of control fans is used to control not only switching properties but also control speed of fan. The main advantage of Clap Operated Fan Speed Control is, it can control up to ten-step speeds of fan.   Sound-operated trigger pulse : The MIC is used to change voice signal into its corresponding electrical signal….. Clock pulse Read more about Clap Operated Fan Speed Control[…]

Power Factor Correction

Automatic power factor correction device reads power factor from line voltage and line current by determining the delay in the arrival of the current signal with respect to voltage signal from the function generator with high accuracy by using an internal timer. This time values are then calibrated as phase angle and corresponding power factor. Read more about Power Factor Correction[…]