Vehicle Tracking System Using GSM & GPS

Vehicle tracking systems have brought this technology to the day-to-day life of the common person. Today GPS used in cars, ambulances, fleets and police vehicles are common sights on the roads of developed countries. All the existing technology support tracking the vehicle place and status The GPS\GSM Based System is one of the most important Read more about Vehicle Tracking System Using GSM & GPS[…]

Arduino Projects……..

1 Arduino To Android Communication using Bluetooth: 2 Arduino 7 Segment Led Display And Counter: 3 Arduino Based Alarm Clock: 4 Arduino Based Auto Intensity Control Of Street Lights: 5 Arduino Based Autopilot System: 6 Arduino Based Battery Charge: 7 Arduino Based Car Parking System: 8 Arduino Based Distance Sensor: 9 Arduino Based Energy Meter: Read more about Arduino Projects……..[…]


This Project RFID Based Water Distribution System is developed for to distribute pure RO water by controlling RADIO frequency Identification by checking a suitable RFID card. This Project is also suitable for distribution of Ration Material, like Milk, kerosene, petrol, diesel etc.   Every consumer is provided with a RFID card which is registered by Read more about RFID BASED-WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM[…]