Prepaid Energy Meter using Smart Card

The purpose of this project is to design and develop an smart energy metering system that can efficiently control the amount of electricity consumed by the user. Electricity users can buy specific amount of energy to use it only when they needed. This is achieved by interfacing energy meter with smart card technology.




For paying the electricity bill, we have to go to the electricity department office. This is time consuming process also for us as well as employees of electricity department because they have to go to customer’s home for meter reading as well as bill preparation. After the prepared bill collection, customer has to pay the amount within given time limit. If customer will pay the bill after some days from the given time limit, he/she has to pay the bill with due amount. In worst cases, if customer will not pay the bill even with due amount, the electricity department will take strict actions against the customer. In the actions the employees of electricity department have to go to the customer’s home for cutting off his/her electricity supply connection. After cutting off the supply, if customer pays the bill with due amount, then they have to go again to the customer’s home for connecting the supply. So, this is very time consuming process and one type of deployment of manpower. In these conditions, there is requiring such type of system that can helpful for customer, electricity department as well as our nation. For this purpose, one idea have come in our mind that if the electricity bill payment system will made based on prepaid system, then the system will become very advantageous for all users, servers as well as our nation.

At the same time, we decided to display the counts according to consumed energy and also the cutting amount according to the consumed power. We also decide to provide alertation to the user while the little amount of balance is remaining. For this purpose we have decided to provide alertation to the consumer via ringing the buzzer. We have developed the system at prototype level. So, we have utilized one heater as a load. We also provide the facility to display the power consumed by the load and we also display the voltage comes from the main supply.We have used an microcontroller because it has sufficient features which are needed to us and also has cost effectiveness.