March 26, 2018

Shutter Watchdog







Shutter Security System – Brochure

System Features

  • Native Wireless device, Operates on Li-Ion 6000mAh Rechargable Battery.
  • GSM Based Technology- SMS & CALL Control.
  • Notification of Battery, System Status, System ONOFF by SMS & CALL.
  • Battery backup of 6-8 days.*
  • High accuracy. (99% )*
  • Made of mild steel with powder coating, temper proof and has long life.
  • One-Way key, so duplication of key is avoided.
  • Facility of entry & exit delay.
  • Compact device.
  • Easy to operate & install.
  • Can be fixed anywhere in 10 min


“SHUTTER WATCHDOG (GSM Shutter Security System)” is a typically designed tailor-made safety device for the total protection of unauthorized entry into your shops, warehouse & Bungalows. Breaking open the Shutter is the most common modus operandi noticed in the case of theft, loot & robbery. By breaking open the shutter, even by few inches. It gives direct alert on registered 5 mobile numbers via SMS and Call. Till now we had no direct solution for this and we had to depend entirely on the security guard, as we all know due to its centralized nature & dependence on individuals such security systems has never been so effective, protection of shops, warehouse, etc. has always been a point of great worry for the owners. But now you have a hundred percent solution to this problem i.e. now you have “SHUTTER WATCHDOG- Shutter Security System” the only one of its own kind in Gujarat.

This Shutter Security System will be installed by our trained technician. It will be fixed on the inner side of your shutter in the bottom. “SHUTTER WATCHDOG – Shutter Security System” is a ‘Made in India’ safety device developed after intensive research and studying the flaws & pain-points of all types of Shutters available in the market.



  • This Shutter Security systems is installed on the pad lock of the any shutter with nuts & bolts.
  • Can be installed only in 10-15 minutes for any shutter. After closing the shutter, you can lock the shutter from outside.
  • The plunger which is attached with the systems is fully in contact with the bottom and system is activated.
  • If any intruder tries to lift the shutter by 1 inch, the plunger becomes free and GSM Shutter security systems gets activated and siren blows within 30-35 seconds for hours continuously and at the same time GSM will get activated and sends SMS. After SMS, GSM starts CALLING different 5 users one by one. After 10 minutes, this whole process will be repeated.
  • When store owner / registered user wants to open the shop, he will have to call on the System’s number so that system will shut down for the full day.



Shutter Watchdog – Shutter Security System




Shutter Watchdog | Shop Shutter Security System




Shutter Watchdog | Shop Shutter Security System
Working – Gujarati




Shutter Watchdog | Shop Shutter Security System
Working / Installation